Target. An Obsession Covered Weakness.

I walk through the doors of Target like a kid in a candy store; something indescribable happens to me and all bets are off. Whatever it was that I went there for just went right out the window. Their product placement skills are impeccable; they know me just as well as I know myself, carrying everything I like and nothing that I really don’t. It’s the strangest thing, but I guess I can’t really complain. The sliding doors open and I can smell the Starbucks baristas brewing up mid-day coffee concoctions, almost calling my name, but the lengthy line sways me back to the value section. Ever so slowly, I make my way through and am hit smack dab in the middle of the face with the latest releases of the new Wild Fable collection, which I absolutely love! If you haven’t tried on the light-wash high waist jeans, you’re totally missing out. They fit like a glove and give you the most perfect shape…oh and they’re only $20! Nearly a steal, people. You can’t get much for $20 these days, let alone a good fitting pair of go to jeans. The next time you’re at Target, probably like tomorrow, give them a look see; I have a feeling you’ll consider tossing them in that big red plastic cart of yours.

I know. I didn’t even mention the hat.

Alright, so I somehow made my way through Wild Fable without starting a lengthy tab, but ran right into Universal Thread handbags and accessories. Damn! They sucked me in. I’m holding two handbags and a “mommy and me” bracelet set, alternating each bag high in the air in front of me as I try to determine which one I should leave with and which can wait until next time. Decision made. I decided on a fun, festival inspired, camel toned side satchel; it’s big enough to hold my wallet and the other everyday essentials, but still small enough to prevent me from weighing it down with 10 pounds of lip kits and straining my neck. The best part was that the bag was only $22.99, but I’m a sensible Red Card holder and have Cartwheel, so it ultimately cost just $17.50. Win-win. Here’s my next one (currently in my cart, online). Shaking my head as I type.

Super comfy too!

I got got by the shoe department too. I mean, warm weather is on the way so of course I needed some new sandals to go with my new bag, right? Same went for the kids outdoor play stuff; I left with a giant, literally giant at nearly 7′ tall, unicorn sprinkler; oh yes, I did. I convinced myself that not only was warm weather on the way and the kids would need something to help them keep cool, but that it would also water and revitalize the lawn and be used for upcoming birthday parties. Oh, Target! You sly devil, you!

My grass looks dead, but it’s really not that bad. Ha!

I grab some toddler formula, juice, bread, milk and those fun new Bubbly drinks with Michael Bubble in the commercials, but not because of him or those; I was sold on these delicious fizzies long before the Super Bowl. So packed with flavor! The funny thing is, is that these last few boring things were what I really came here for. If I had stayed on the straight and narrow path, I might have spent $30, max, but Target has a funny way of having its way with me and pretty much the rest of the world…meme life. Like I said, I really can’t complain because I truly use and thoroughly enjoy everything I buy from this everyday sanctuary. I appreciate that they take great consideration with regard to the quality of the product lines that they choose to carry. I’d say our relationship is somewhat complicated. A tad bit love-hate, but you totally get me, Target.

Side note! I love these fake press on nails lmao! I get so over “falsey” anything & nails are no exception! Love that I can rip these right off when I want to.

Cheers to the many obsessive & impulsive purchases on future visits!